Architect Starts Old Cement Factory Into His House, and The Interior Will Take Your Breath Away

When a dilapidated cement was stumbled upon by Ricardo Bofill Factory in 1973, he instantly saw a universe of possibilities. La fábrica was born, and nearly 45 decades later, the construction has been fully transformed to a spectacular and one of a kind home.

The mill, situated just outside of Barcelona, was a When Ricardo Bofill and his staff purchased it, closed down, and arrived with repairs to be done. Following years of partial deconstruction, the architect that was determined proceeded to lace the exterior of the house with vegetation, and provide the inside as a contemporary living and work space.

La fábrica is a work in progress for the day, to which Bofill As his dreams for the future continue to change shape likens his own life. The industrial chimneys that filled the air with smoke overflow with Lush greenery, a nice example of the transformations that result from creative thinking.

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